Not only do I want to have my cake AND eat it, I want to look good in a bikini come Summer time. Therein lies my eternal dilemma, and mostly what the Little Pink Kitchen is all about.

Pop-up breakfasts where you can join me in my home for a feast. Lunchtime delivery, where you can have delicious treats brought to your desk. Dinner recipes and inspiration so you can try cooking the Little Pink Kitchen way yourself.

Mostly healthy, mostly full of vegetables, sometimes veering towards fried things and usually followed by a Little Pink Kitchen brownie. There are recipes for light lunches and recipes for feasting. There are recipes containing all 5 of your 5 a day (or whatever it is these days), and there are recipes for when you want the opposite of that.

There is always, always wine, and a sense of humour.

Because that is real life.

And the Little Pink Kitchen is very much about real life.

I do hope you enjoy, and if you have any catering queries, questions or just want to tell me about a particularly nice cheese, do get in touch.

Sarah x

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