Chia seed breakfast pot

So basically sometimes I am just a really big sheep.

For actual serious.

I do yoga, and exercise lots, and care about my health and read too much bullshit on the Internets that sometimes I believe.

Sometimes that bullshit is about things like chia seeds.

I first read about them in Christopher McDougall’s book and basically I decided that all that lay between me and an ultra-marathon was some ancient Mexican drink involving chia seeds and lime juice.

Turns out, what lies between me and an ultra-marathon is already short hip flexors and a deep desire to be able to ascend and descend stairs in a fairly normal fashion for as many of my days as humanly possible.

And a complete, absolute dedication to not putting in that amount of training.

I don’t think chia seeds are going to help there, to be honest.

Then I started reading stuff on vegan blogs and even the mainstream (ish) press about how amazing chia seeds are.

So I bought some.

Massive sheep that I am.

And, well, since purchasing chia seeds, I don’t magically run 57 miles before breakfast.

And I haven’t miraculously turned size 8.

But I do know that this breakfast is tasty, nutritious and keeps me full until lunchtime.

And if that makes me some kind of clichéd, sheep-like wab, so be it.

If you even believe a little of the hype, give it a go.

If you don’t believe the bullshit, feel free to substitute bacon.


Put some chia seeds into a jar or tub.

But if you are going to be a massive cliché like something of Pinterest, you might as well go the whole hog and use a jam jar.

A pretentious middle class Bonne Maman jar at that.

You clichéd wab.


Add some milk.

I haven’t read enough on the subject just yet to shun dairy, but feel free to use oat or nut milk, if that’s your bag.

Let’s face it, if your eating chia seeds for breakfast, anything goes.


Add some honey or other sweetener, like agave syrup, or Stevia, or some other miracle food product.

They don’t make Stevia in Northern Ireland, that’s all I know.

But they DO make this delicious honey.


Shake it all up.


Or stir.


Making sure all the seeds have been scraped from the edges.

Which is kind of the opposite of this.


Chuck it in the fridge for a least an hour, but I roll with overnight.

It looks like frog spawn after being in the fridge.


When ready to serve, top with some yoghurt.


Some fresh fruit.


And the knowledge that you are at least trying to feed your body with stuff that is good for you.

I’ll let you know if it’s all just hype when I live to be 138.


Chia seed breakfast pot
Serves 1. Cooking time 5 minutes.

2 tablespoons chia seeds
50ml milk
1/2 teaspoon agave syrup
2 heaped tablespoons yoghurt, to serve
Handful fresh fruit of your choice, to serve

1. Combine the chia seeds, honey and milk in a jar or tub and leave overnight.
2. Top with the yoghurt and fruit.
3. Serve.

5 thoughts on “Chia seed breakfast pot

  1. What a lovely start to my day this morning…(BM jar added to it obviously!!)
    Couldn’t believe how full I was all morning. Thumbs up : ))

  2. What a lovely start to my day this morning…(BM jar added to it obviously!!)
    Couldn’t believe how full I was all morning. Thumbs up : ))

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