I’m back, I guess

So then, a new website, in a very lowkey sort of a way.

At last.

I mean, I’ve done more than my fair share of big, excited ‘I’M BACK!’ type posts over the last wee while.

Actually, the last few years.

I first started to think about rejigging things around here way back in Spring 2020, when we thought we would be locked down for a few weeks. It seemed like a nice little project at the time. Then, as the covid pandemic unfolded, business, and indeed life, became a bit more about survival. Doing what I could to try and stay afloat; brownies on doorsteps, event catering in gardens with people brandishing vaccination certificates at me, pizza making on zoom. It was very different.

I made mental notes about these differences as I went, and eventually they were distilled into a new offering for the Little Pink Kitchen. A quick holiday to England, then I would be ready to launch.

While in England, I slipped on a hike in the Lake District. I was airlifted from the side of a mountain and learnt that I had broken my ankle in three places. It was the most painful, traumatising experience of my life and learning to walk again wasn’t going to happen for a very, very long time. The Little Pink Kitchen was the last thing on my mind.

I don’t know why, possibly due to the supply of liquid morphine, but I decided to proceed with an IVF cycle in the midst of all this. I couldn’t walk properly, I couldn’t work, but I could inject myself with hormones.

And somehow, it worked.

I spent a high risk pregnancy learning how to walk again. As soon as I was capable, I was doing what work I could. Truthfully, it wasn’t much at all. I was in so much pain, I was exhausted, when I ran breakfast clubs I had to run upstairs to be sick often. Slowly, the website was rebuilt, ready to launch.

The day before the planned launch, when I was 34 weeks pregnant, I innocently cycled to one of my many antenatal appointments to be admitted on the spot. Hugo was born two days later.

So now I don’t offer a grand launch for this jazzy new website. It isn’t even that jazzy. 

Because jazzy isn’t going to happen when you are working at 8pm at night after wrangling a small child all day. I have spent a LOT of time willing myself to be funny, or sobbing at what competitors are able to manage or just staring into a middle distance because I am so sodding tired. 

So there will be no big launch. 

There will be recipes, to help you feed your family. 

There will be breakfast clubs, where you can get a ticket and come along for brunch at my house.

Soon, there will be food to order for your own gatherings.

And after that, there are other plans afoot, big and small. But I’m not waiting for the ‘perfect’ moment any more. Things change; with a misplaced foot on a long hike, with the sight of two blue lines that you can’t quite believe are there, with a cycle in the sunshine to a routine appointment.

So for now, despite this new website representing a lot of work, welcome back to the lowkey Little Pink Kitchen. It is SO nice to finally be here.

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